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Plumbing & Electrical Supplies for DIY Work

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, George's Paint and Hardware brings you great deals on plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, and more. Calling in an electrician or a plumber can cost you big money. When you shop with George's, you aren't just saving money on labor, but on the cost of supplies too!

Plumbing Supplies

Professional-Grade Plumbing Supplies

We carry PVC pipes ranging from 1" to 4" in size, as well as several CPVC and PEX pipes and fittings. You can also find copper, brass, and galvanized pipes and fittings, all in a variety of sizes for many different applications.
There are also plumbing fixtures available through us at low rates, such as kitchen and bath faucets and similar items from quality brands. For the outdoors, we also have a large stock of lawn sprinkler systems and supplies, such as sprinkler heads, pipes, controllers, and more.

Affordable Electrical Items

George's Paint and Hardware carries the best electrical supplies for DIYers and professional electricians alike. We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, along with a multitude of wiring and conduit options.

Our selection features Sylvania™ bulbs, including incandescent and LED. We also have a large variety of landscaping lights and low voltage lighting solutions, as well as breakers and an array of junction boxes to help you complete practically any project.